Somebody had a Birthday! - Rexburg, ID

This little gem who appears so frequently on my blog had a BIG Birthday recently!  Miss Kloee has turned 1 and is growing like a weed.  She is running sprinting all over the place... it's getting rather difficult to keep up with her with camera-in-hand.  She has also developed a deep love for shoes, or rather "Shsssss".  In fact, her shoes were the only things that were able to slow her down enough for me to snap pictures of her.

Me: "Kloee!  Where are your shoes?"
Kloee: "Shssssss"

If I tried telling her what to do, she would get this look on her face and then shake her head really fast.

And because its Halloween....


Future Baby Nickel - Rexburg, ID

I am so excited to finally be posting the rest of these adorable maternity pics!
She truly has the cutest baby pump.
It almost makes me want to have one of my own.... Almost.

Thanks again, Jordan and Priscilla!



Baby Bump - Rexburg, ID

A. I love these people.
B. I love how these pictures turned out.

Meet Jordan and Priscilla.  The soon-to-be proud parents of a baby girl!  Priscilla is just a few weeks away from her due date, and I KNOW they will have the most gorgeous little girl!  After all, with parents as beautiful as these two, its impossible this baby won't be a total looker!

Here is just a TINY sneak peak - because we got a million amazing pictures.  I just have to post a couple until I get through the rest! :)


Colby - Idaho Falls, ID

I was super excited when I was asked to do Colby's senior portraits this year... but the closer it got to the date of the shoot, I was a little panicked because I realized - I'm from Canada where we don't do Senior pictures... so I had to quickly figure out what I was going to do.  Luckily Colby was a natural and made my job easy! :)  We found some pretty cool locations and had a lot of fun!  Thanks again Colby!

Colby and his mom are definite Rockstars!

And just for fun.....