The Big Move - Personal Post

I realized the other night that I had yet to make an important announcement.  
We're MOVING!!!

{Proud Moment}
Brady (my Mr.) applied for podiatry school last August, and only applied to his top 3 choices for schools - Chicago, IL, Des Moines, IA, and Glendale, AZ (in no particular order).  He was invited to interviews at all 3 schools which was such a blessing, and before his interview in Arizona, he had already been accepted to both Chicago and Des Moines and was offered scholarships at both.  We both felt very strongly that Des Moines was the place we needed to go, so he cancelled his interview for Arizona and accepted the offer from Des Moines.

That said, July 2013 we will be moving to this beautiful city!

I am SO excited to embark on this new adventure, and to see what opportunities knock on our door in the next few years.  I am also excited to go to a bigger city! :)  It's a happy medium between Idaho Falls and Calgary (my hometown), and from what we've heard, it is a great place to live and to raise a family.

Des Moines, I'm super excited to meet you! :)

Anyone who would like to get some photos done before we move, be sure to schedule them sooner rather than later.  We will be back to visit as my husband is from the area, so I will try to post our travel schedules with time to book in advance.

5 months to go...

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kylie said...

i have a cousin who went to med school in des moines (iowa, right?) they love it there. congrats!