Thank you! - Personal Post

As you all know, this is still my first year in the industry.  I will hit my 1-Year mark in late August and I can't believe the opportunities for growth I have had in these first 10 months.  Not only have I had lots of opportunities to meet new AMAZING people and learn new techniques (and practice, practice, practice...), but I have been asked to shoot WEDDINGS - it is still so surreal to me that people have the interest and confidence in me as a photographer to trust me with such a big and special day! 

I've already posted one wedding - my very first as a lead photog (I don't include the few times I've shot candids or been a second shooter)... and I will be shooting wedding #2 on August 4th in Idaho Falls.
For any photographer, getting one wedding during your first year is quite an accomplishment (or so I've heard!)... let alone two.  But can I just say that I was SO flattered when I got asked to shoot 2 more weddings this summer. 

Unfortunately, I won't be shooting those two additional weddings due to conflicts in schedule (one of them I will be in Canada during that time, and the other conflicts with my August wedding - I know, sad day!) - but it was such an honor just to have that interest expressed! 

{Did I mention one of them wanted to fly me to California to shoot!?  I know, total bummer!}

Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who have helped me get to this point so far.  Whether it be through booking a session with me to give me practice, mentoring me and sharing tips, or simply giving me words of encouragement - you have done so much to help me progress in something I am deeply passionate about!

So again, thank you for all you have done.  I wouldn't be where I am without you!


{and because a picture makes every post better... here's one from my own wedding day!}

Photo Credit: my sister Heather @


Dan & Megan - Rexburg Engagement Photography

Can I just say I had SO much fun getting to know these two.  Not only did I shoot their official engagements, but I was also hiding in the bushes when Dan popped the question and Megan gladly accepted.  These two have the love that leaves you all smiles.  I almost felt bad during our session telling them to do this or that because I was afraid to interrupt a moment - because they were always whispering and giggling.  Seriously - adorable.

Dan and Megan, congratulations again on your engagement and upcoming marriage.  Here are a few of my faves from your engagement session:

Like I said... adorable...

And for my favorites...


Kaylee & Chris - Idaho Falls Engagement Photography

I am SO excited to have finished editing this gorgeous engagement session.  Kaylee & Chris are my first official start-to-finish wedding experience, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be working with them.  Not only are they a stunningly gorgeous couple (seriously, they could model!), but they are so relaxed, fun, up-for-anything, and SO enchanted by one another.  I love that kind of love.  Not only is it super contagious, but it photographs well too! ;) 

Within the next month you'll also see their Bridals followed by their Full Wedding Day on my blog. 
Yep - SUPER excited over here! :)

Here is a glimpse at how we spent our evening...


Busy Bee - Teaser

It's been another busy busy week for me.  In the last 5 days, I've had 3 photo shoots.  They have all been fabulous and I can't wait to jump into them all and edit my little heart out!  Just to keep you interested and wanting more, here are a few to keep you looking forward to some upcoming posts on the blog!

The Hodges Family

Kaylee & Chris

Dan & Megan

Ignore the not-so-wonderful quality of the photos.  I don't have my hard drive with me at the moment so I stole these images from my facebook page.  

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Happy Blogging! :)


Tanner & Madeline - Salt Lake City Temple Wedding Photography

I am SO excited to finally be posting my very first wedding ever

I was so flattered and honored when Maddie asked me to be with her the day she married her best friend Tanner.  It was such a great experience and I loved being around the two of them fresh out of the temple.  They had such a glow about them... you could tell theirs is a love that will last forever. 

  I was so grateful to have my friend Janelle shooting with me, and to also have Tanners dad running around with us ready and willing to move dead pigeons out of the alley ways! ;)  

Thank you again Tanner & Maddie, and I hope you enjoy your photos!