Price Family - Calgary Family Photographer

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to be asked to shoot this beautiful family's photos!  Carolyn was my high school chemistry teacher and was the first person to actually make me believe I was good at science.  Without her, I probably wouldn't have gone on to get a degree in Health Sciences.  She helped me understand my potential as a student and gave me the confidence I needed to push myself through tough classes.  (And I will proudly say that chemistry ended up being my best subject... even in college!)

Since those high school days, she has married the guy of her dreams, and had 2 incredibly gorgeous children (seriously - they are ridiculously cute!).  It was SO fun to reconnect with her and to be able to spend some time with her outside of the classroom.  

Thank you again Price family.  It was seriously an honor to shoot your photos.  I hope you like your sneak peek!  The rest of your images are on their way!


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Brenan - Calgary Children's Photographer

This post is a little late - but here is little Mr. Brenan!
He is as boy as boy gets... and only weeks later became a big brother!

Have you ever seen a child who loves bubbles more than this kid?  He had me cracking up!