Such a Tease

Yes - I'm the tease... because I am posting one and ONLY one photo from the FABULOUS wedding I got to shoot today (maybe I'll do another tease later).  Madeline and Tanner knew full well that this was my first wedding EVER and rather than be worried and apprehensive, they made me feel so at ease today when we were walking around Temple Square.  Madeline said to me "I am SO happy that we are your first wedding!" to which Tanner joined in and shared that they were excited to have me with them.  It seriously made me feel so good knowing that they trusted me with their special day.  

So, on that note - I just have to post a photo to show how fabulous the day really was.

Thank you again a hundred times Maddie & Tanner.  I hope you enjoy this little teaser (don't worry, I'll have a full blog post later)... but mostly enjoy being married.  It truly is the best!  Congratulations again! 


Jon & Lindsey - Engagements

I was so excited when Jon asked if I'd take engagement pictures for him and Lindsey.  Jon and I met our very first week of our very first semester of college (I think even before school started).  He and his twin brother Caleb met my roommate online and we all became friends from there.  Look at us little freshmen. 

A little interesting thing about Jon & Caleb - not only were they born the same day, but they both went to Buenos Aires Argentina on their missions (just different missions), and they are both getting married within a week of each other.  Yep - must be twins! 

I am SO stoked for Jon & Lindsey (Caleb & Cassie too!).  I was so excited that they asked me to take their engagements... mostly because I was super excited to meet Lindsey.  These two are definitely head-over-heels in love and you can tell they cherish every moment they spend together.  They are truly love birds.

Lindsey - I know you will probably be laughing for the rest of your life, but I am SO happy Jon found you.  I can tell he adores you by the way he looks at you!  

So happy for both of you!  Hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed spending time with you two! 

And, don't forget to...

Congrats again you two!  MORE than thrilled for you! :)


Teaser - Stay Tuned

I've had a busy week this week.  I spent my evening Saturday shooting engagements for a friend I met my first week of college, and Tuesday evening shooting family photos for a co-worker before she and her son head to Peru in June.  I feel so spoiled right now.  Photography (compete with editing) is my addiction.  I seriously feel like a kid in a candy store when I go through my photos deciding which ones to pick and how I can manipulate them.   Here's what you have to look forward to in the coming days...

Another post to stay tuned for... Saturday I will be shooting my first wedding EVER (Woo!) and I am more than thrilled to spend such a special day with such a fabulous couple.  Get excited!  I am!  :)

Happy Blogging! 


Wedding Weekend - Provo, UT

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a special wedding as a guest.  I couldn't resist bringing my camera and snapping {more than} a few candid photos.  Katie and Gannon are head over heels in love and I am more than THRILLED for them to embark on this new journey!  Here are a few from their beautiful day!


Stalker-azzi - Rexburg, ID Engagement

Last week I was asked to come and play paparazzi while Dan surprised Megan and popped the BIG question.  He started by getting takeout from Applebee's (where they ate on their first date) and brought it to the park to have a little picnic.  They then took time to feed the ducks and just spend some good quality time together.  Plans changed last minute when the weather didn't cooperate with us.  Dan had bought a kite they would fly together that had a long tail that read "Will You Marry Me?" which we had tested out prior to him picking Megan up... but unfortunately the wind died down just before he popped the question... so - that led to a really fast change of plans and an unexpected drop to the knee that completely caught us off guard.  But its okay - we rolled with the punches and still got some great photos. 

By the way, I had my friend Janelle come and shoot this session with me.  
A.  She will be helping me shoot my first wedding in Utah on the 26th (Yay!)... and
B.  I couldn't help but think I might blow my cover if I didn't have someone with me to act as a coy!

We all had a lot of fun and Dan & Megan are so in love - here are just a few from their session.  

Their first photos officially engaged! :)

Thanks again Dan & Megan, and best of luck on the rest of your wedding plans! :) 

And Thank You Janelle for keeping me company and helping me out!  


Baby Blues - Rexburg, ID

I must say, the moment I saw this little guy my heart melted.  

Can you blame me?  

Look how enchanting his big blue eyes are!  

Completely captivating! 

He is seriously so incredibly beautiful.  I love his oober curly blonde hair and his bold blue eyes.  Not to mention he is so calm and happy - just such a cheerful little guy.  I could seriously sit and stare at him for hours... and he'd totally be okay with that because he is THAT chill.

Here are a few of my favorites from our session.  Trust me... these pictures will make you want a baby just like him!