I'm Thankful For...

I wished a little too late into the month that I had done those daily "I'm thankful for..." posts.  So - instead, I am going to make ONE post with 22 things (in no particular order) that I am grateful for in my life.

22 Things I'm Thankful For This Year:
1. A Loving Husband - I am so grateful that I have found the love of my life who I will cherish for ever.  I'm grateful to be out of the dating scene and to never have to play the "I wonder what he thinks of me" game ever again.  It feels so good to know that I have found someone who loves me as much as I love him, and who I will spend eternity with.  I love that he loves me despite my flaws and my weaknesses, and that he sees the best in me each and every day.  I'm grateful that he makes me laugh on a daily basis, and that we don't have to be "grown ups" all the time, but can let our childish playful selves come out to play frequently.

2. An Amazing & Supportive Family - I'm grateful for two parents (and in-laws) who are so supportive of me as an individual, and of Brady and I as a couple.  I'm grateful for their willingness to always help us when we are in need and for their words of encouragement and love.  I'm also grateful for siblings (and in-laws) who are amazing examples to us and who have become my very best friends!

3. The Ability to Learn - I'm grateful for the ability to learn new things - whether it be secular or practical skills.  It's truly amazing the things we are able to learn.  Where would we be if we couldn't "Learn".  Probably dead... just saying! ;)

4. The Gospel of Jesus Christ - I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for my knowledge that Christ is my Savior and Redeemer.  I'm grateful for the healing power of the Atonement.  I'm grateful for Temples and for the opportunity I've had to be sealed to my family for this life and the life to come.

5. To Have a Job - While there are some days I don't feel grateful, I am grateful to have a full-time job that allows me to provide for my family while my husband is going to school.  I'm also grateful for my "other job" - that I am able to do photography for other people and continue to LEARN (see above) and improve my skills which allows me to have an additional income doing something I love.

6. Technology - I'm grateful for cell phones, email, skype, facebook, and all other forms of technology that allow me to stay in touch with family and friends that aren't exactly close by.

7. Blogs - I know this is another form of "technology", but I am grateful for blogs.  Not just the kind that you can follow and find a good idea, or learn a new skill, or copy a craft.  I'm talking about personal blogs (the kind I'm not so good about keeping up).  I've never been very good about keeping a journal, but I've kept a blog since graduating high school (off and on), and it is fun to go back to read my thoughts about my first date with my husband and relive memories through pictures and blog posts.

8. Tastebuds - Imagine how sucky it'd be to lose your sense of taste?  I can't imagine never being able to taste Chinese food, banana cream pie, popcorn on ice cream, Taco Bell, egg nog, and all other forms of heaven in my mouth.

9. Ice Cream - It deserves its own post.  I am SO GRATEFUL FOR ICE CREAM!  I love ice cream.  Seriously, I love it.  Butterfinger ice cream (YUM!), maple nut, bubblegum, mint chip, or vanilla topped with popcorn.  What's not to love?  SO grateful! :)

10. Malls/Shopping - Laugh all you want, but I am so grateful for retail therapy.  Anyone who doesn't believe retail therapy is a real thing... ask my husband.  He never used to believe it, but a few weeks ago he saw me at a very hurt and sad time, and said "Kandice, let's go buy you a new coat".  I told him I didn't need one (I tend to collect coats), but he insisted and walked the mall with me (and my mom) and went through countless stores until I found the perfect coat.  He saw how it was able to get my mind off of my hurt feelings and change my mood completely!

11. Friendship - I have been SO blessed when it comes to friends.  I have grown up with the most amazing friends I could have ever imagined and they have been there for every important moment in my life.  I'm grateful for their words of advice, inspired phone calls, and ability to always put me at ease.  I'm also grateful that no matter how long we go without talking or seeing each other, when we are reunited it is as though we have not missed a single day together.

12. Motors/Engines - Weird?  Not a chance!  I'm grateful for cars, airplanes, boats, trains, and anything else with a motor/engine.  Without a motors/engines, I would not be able to see my family near as often as I do, or be able to see God's most gorgeous creations.

13. Music/Movies - I'm grateful for good music that makes the work day or a long drive pass by pleasantly, and can make any task enjoyable.  I also love good movies that inspire you to change something in your life, or that simply entertain.

14. Humor - I love to laugh, so I'm grateful for anything that can make me laugh... particularly my husband.

15. Creative People - I'm grateful that there are people in this world who are super creative and kind enough to share their creativity with the online world.  Whether it be crafts, food, photography, or date ideas... I'm grateful for people who make it so I don't always have to come up with things on my own!

16. Pictures - I don't know what I would do without pictures and cameras.  I'm grateful for their ability to capture a memory and bring a moment to the front of your mind as though it just happened. They are truly treasures.

17. Good Health - Working in a hospital has made me extremely grateful for a healthy body and healthy mind. I had a scare just over a year ago where I basically became a quadriplegic for about 4 days.  My husband had to do everything for me (even things a woman would never dream of her husband having to do for her), and I am SO grateful it was not a permanent condition.  Good health is such a blessing and something we truly overlook all too often.

18. A/C & Heat - I'm grateful for air conditioning that cools down my hot summers, and furnace heat that keeps me nice and toasty during the cold winter months! :)

19. Washer/Dryer - I am grateful that I don't have to hand wash all of my clothes (although many items in my closet are hand wash only unfortunately).  They make life so convenient!

20. Hair Straightener - I am grateful that someone was brilliant enough to make something as genius as the hair straightener that tames my frizzy tendrils!

21. Trials - I almost cringe writing this, BUT... I am grateful for trials!  (Yuck!)!!!!!!  It is when I am going through some of the hardest times in my life that I feel the closest to my Savior.  I always come out a better and stronger individual.

22. Holidays - Particularly ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas which always result in me taking a deeper look at my life and counting my blessings.

What are some things you're Thankful for?