Baby Brinlee - Rexburg, ID

Check out this cute bundle of joy!  Little Brinlee was born just 3 weeks ago and is one gorgeous little girl.  She is so cute and so tiny - I wanted to take her home with me!  We were lucky enough to get several shots of her awake, but once she felt tired... she was out (which resulted in many more great photos!).  She is seriously so beautiful... as you will see from this short little sneak peak.  

I'm heading to Hawaii tomorrow (or perhaps today!) for a couple of weeks... so stay tuned later this month for more pictures of this angel.  I can NOT wait to get through the rest of them! :)


Charmers - Shelley, ID

These 3 good lookin' kids are my nieces and nephew.  I've only been a member of this family for about a year and a half, but in that short time it is amazing to see how much these kids have grown. 

Meet Halli: 

Meet Jake:

Meet Alexis:


I was taking pictures of Jake and Lexi while Halli was at a birthday party... and they wanted pictures together but refused to open their eyes.  They thought it was hilarious to keep their eyes closed and look like they were "blinking".  


Kloee - Shelley, ID

I can't help myself.  These ones are just too cute not to share.

Sawyer & Wyatt - Shelley, ID

Sawyer and Wyatt are the sons of my husbands cousin.  
(Did you follow that?)
They are two little mini-me's of their parents.  Sawyer (the oldest) looks just like his Dad, while Wyatt is the spitting image of his Mom.  They are so fun and have so much personality.  Sawyer was running all over the place, and Wyatt was content sometimes just sitting and playing in the dirt.  I did, however, get told off a few times from Wyatt.  Anytime I'd snap his picture he'd say "NO!  Ever, ever again!".  I got this repeatedly throughout the day... to the point that he would pout at me.  He does have an ADORABLE pouty face.  If he was my child, he would probably get away with anything he wanted with those big baby blues!

Meet Sawyer:

Meet Wyatt:

Brooklyn - Shelley, ID

Little Brookie is the BUSIEST of busy bees.  I legitimately made a goal to get a picture of her looking at me.  Yeah - it was a goal.  It was that hard to get her to look at me long enough to snap a shot.  I think I followed her around for 10 minutes with my finger on the button and came away with 5 or 6 pictures of her remotely looking my way.  Even with her parents trying to get her attention, she couldn't be out-smarted.  It was so fun to see her running around chasing the other kids and not letting anything get in the way of that.  She is a girl of determination and a lot of spirit.  And... she has BIG beautiful eyes!

... I told you it was hard for me to get her attention.

Hartleigh - Shelley, ID

Can I just say that I LOVE family reunions? 
They are seriously so fun.  This year we went to Ross Park one day and helped my husbands Grandma get her house ready to sell the next.  
The best part?  Lots of photo ops.  

Here is my husbands cousins little girl Hartleigh.  She is SO absolutely adorable and is SO good in front of the camera.  She just sits and stares at me with that cute little face.  She makes my job easy!  And check out her eyes.  They are BEAUTIFUL.

ConGRADulations Class of 2011

Guess what?  


I'm officially a college graduate.
Okay, maybe not officially officially... but pretty close.  
I still technically have to do an internship (which I'm doing this fall)
but it just made more sense to have my parents travel in the summer than in the winter.

So... I DID IT!

(PS, I changed my first name on my name card to Canada... so the announcer read "Canada Jill Stewart".  Truth.  I figured that the majority of my teachers knew me as "Canada" rather than my first name... so why the heck not?)

And... did I mention that I have the BEST husband in the whole wide world?
And did I mention that for my graduation he bought me a new LENS I've been drooling over for a year now?


Best. Husband. Ever.!