Burton Family - Rexburg Family Photographer

I don't even know where to start with this session.  We had SO much fun at the Sand Dunes this week. Graham loved the sand (and throwing it on all of us) and little Madelyn was just so good and put up with all the gritty sand in her face and her mouth.  I love when a session doesn't feel like "a session" and rather just a chance to hang out with friends.  The Burtons are the best and I think their photos turned out great! 

Meet Handsome Little Graham (and his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes)

... and Sweet Little Madelyn (and her killer baby blues)

...and of course Mom & Dad

Thank you again for hanging out with me Burton Family!  I hope you love your pictures and had as much fun with me as I had with you! ;)


Hodges Family - Idaho Falls Family Photography

Meet my friend and co-worker Desirae and her SUPER fun family!
We had quite the adventure off-roading to our location, but we all had a lot of fun - so it was totally worth it!  And yes - it was difficult getting the Harley out there.  It was a slow trek, but I think it made for some awesome pictures.  
Besides, patience is a virtue, isn't it?
And - how awesome are their kids?  Did I mention all of their names start with "B".  Cool eh?
Once again, the wind was wild during our session... but I still think we got some good shots! :)
Here is a little sneak peak at how we spent our evening.