Baby Paxton - Idaho Falls, ID

The beautiful mom featured in this post here is my gorgeous cousin Jordann.  She has two beautiful daughters just under a year apart.  Ryker is definitely proud to be a big sister and feels the need to show her love at all times.  She was constantly crawling all over her baby sis and gave her wet kisses anytime the camera wasn't in her face.  Baby Paxton might argue that it is "tough love" as it can often get a little rough -but it is definitely cute to see how proud a little one year old can be of her baby.

Also, it was so much fun to spend time with Jordann.  She is such a good mom and has so much patience and love for her little girls.  These pictures just make my heart melt.  

Thanks again Jordann.  Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

Stay tuned... I'm doing some family pictures for them in the next couple of weeks! 

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