Heartthrob - Rexburg, ID

This post can be summed up in one word and one picture.


Maybe one more picture?

Look at that hand placement - he sure knows how to work it for the camera! 

This absolutely handsome little stud just so happens to be my best friend and neighbors little guy.  I met Tracen when he was 3 months old - I was so sad to miss out on his first few months of life, but I am SO happy that he lives right next door to me now.  Whenever I get that baby fever I know I can march on over and hold him for a little bit.  

I seriously am in love with this little man.  I like to say that he is my "boyfriend".
He even took me out on a date a couple weekends ago - chinese food... my favorite.  

So when my bestie called me the other day wanting an impromptu photoshoot, I was more than thrilled for our play date! 

 Here is a little sneak peak as to how our time was spent...

(don't you just want to KISS him!?)

In this next picture, I think he totally looks like Squirt from Finding Nemo!  Seriously, google it!

Oh what is that?  Another kissing booth!?  YES!  I was THAT lucky this week!
Tracen came away one rich little man! ;)

Before I attacked him with kisses.....

... and AFTER I attacked him with kisses... :)

He didn't seem to mind all of the attention he was getting! 

Okay, fine... here is one more "hunky" picture.  Now quit drooling! ;)

I told you he was a Heartthrob!

Happy Blogging! :)


Alana said...

Love it! The pictures are so great!! We are sure lucky! Love yOu!!!

Kassie and Peter said...

What a CUTIE! Love these!