Dave & Hailey - Rexburg Engagement Photographer

So first of all - funny story.  Dave and I go WAY back... as in... way back to EFY when I was 15 years old (holy smokes, it's already been almost 9 years!) and we were in the same EFY group at UofU.  My cousin and I decided to go to EFY in Utah that year and Dave and his cousin Wes happened to be in our EFY group.  We lost touch, but reconnected our first semester of college at BYU-Idaho when it turned out we hung out with the same people.  Once again, after that semester we lost touch.  The boys all went on missions, I was off-track... and we went our separate ways.  A few months ago when Hailey and I became friends, I noticed she had a bunch of pictures with Dave.  Then I found out they were dating... and a few short months later they were engaged.  

I love how small this world is that we live in!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Hailey asked that I shoot their engagements.  It's so fun photographing friends.  My weird side tends to jump out quickly when I'm among people I know (yes - it's embarrassing!).  

Hailey and Dave are seriously so perfect for each other!  When I learned they were dating I was SO stoked... because they are two of the nicest and most kind people on the planet.
It's easy to see they truly adore each other! 

Hailey... Dave... you KNOW I love you guys!  
I'm so excited for you to continue to grow closer to one another and for you to truly discover just how much you love each other. 
Congratulations again you two!

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