Herbert Family - Idaho Falls Family Photographer

I recently realized I never posted these pictures from November!  After I burned the disk I completely forgot to post them to my blog!  So - here's to catching up!

Do you remember sweet little Cora?  I loved shooting her newborns.  She was a teeny tiny little baby - I could have snuggled her the whole day!  Well she is now ONE and is still as sweet as ever.  After snatching a few family photos for the Herberts, we went back to their house and did a fun little cake smash with Cora.  She absolutely loved it and left quite a mess to be cleaned up!  She is such a fun little  girl! 

Well Herberts - I know this isn't really a "sneak peek" for you guys being that you've had your disk for a couple months now, but here are some of your photos anyway! 

And now for her cake smash!

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