Beau Tyson - Idaho Falls Birth Photographer

Can I just say that Birth Photography is so special!  
I absolutely adore babies, but to see them this new and to capture those first hours of life is so tender.

This little fella is extra close to my heart, because he is my newest sweet little nephew.
Tiny little Kate pushed out a 10 pound 22 inch long baby, and he couldn't be more beautiful.  He has a full head of hair and is such a sweetheart.  We moved across the country only 5 days after his birth, so it's been fun to go through his photos and be reminded of what an adorable little boy he is!

Welcome to the world, Beau Tyson!


Lexie @ Carpe Diem Design said...

Oh my goodness Kandice! These are amazing!

Lexie @ Carpe Diem Design said...

These are AMAZING Kandice!!