What To Wear - Old Navy

I've had requests to put together style inspiration boards for family sessions, preferably "one stop shop" inspiration.  

Today's What To Wear post features items solely from Old Navy.  I decided to go with some neutral tones to start things off.  There are a few items here and there that I didn't particularly love, but due to limited selection on things like kids shoes or belts, I had to work with what Old Navy offered!

Moms Look: $110
(I have the top half of this look and love it!)
Dad's Look: $110
Girls Look: $65
Boys Look: $56
Toddler Girls Look: $29
Toddler Boys Look: $35

Like I said - I know these looks aren't perfect and could use a better shoe (etc.) here and there… but hopefully this gives you an idea of how you can plan and coordinate outfits for family sessions! 

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