Jess & Greg {Giveaway Winners} - Idaho Falls, ID

I am SO excited to post the photo shoot I had with our Lot's Of Lovin' Giveaway Winners this weekend!  Greg and Jess are so in love!  They were married in December, and their love is still so fresh and flirty... they couldn't keep their hands off each other! ;)  Every second we weren't taking pictures they were hugging and kissing and laughing - they were just so sweet! 

And talk about freaking hot couple, eh?  They'll have supermodels for babies!

Enjoy your sneak-peek you love birds!

And now for their "I love you because..." reveal:

Thanks again you guys!  I had SO much fun and still have "Call Me Maybe" stuck in my head! ;) 
(And Jess - I hope I passed with "bang duty"... but I think your hair looks great!  No "butt-crack bangs" that I can see! Haha)  


Nicole Hudson said...

Okay Kandice... I think this just might be your best shoot yet!! And talk about a gorgeous couple. Wow. She is seriously perfect! And so is he. How is that even fair!!! Great job Kand... love the back lighting!

Katelyn Haas said...

these did turn out amazing!!! what a beautiful couple and great job kandice!!!