Payton & Josh - Idaho Falls Engagement

This week I had the opportunity to do ANOTHER engagement shoot?
(I know, I'm totally spoiled!)

Payton and Josh work with my cousin Jordann (mother of Ryker and Paxton) at Texas Roadhouse {nom, nom}.  Jordann is such a doll and is my little referring queen and set up our photo shoot.  I knew from the moment I met these two that we were in for a treat.  They are super fun and Payton might be one of the sweetest people on the planet.  They are so good for each other and you can tell they are utterly in love.

I asked Payton and Josh if they would email me a short paragraph with their love story.
Here is what they had to share:

In October of 2011, Payton started her job as hostess at the Texas Roadhouse in Idaho Falls, ID. That's where she met the love of her life, Joshua. The two hearts were joined together with a conversation that would change everything - a conversation that began with Payton hearing of rumors that "josh was a [insert profanity here]" and ending with "...but I think you’re pretty nice". Payton knew just 3 weeks later that she would definitely fall for him. Josh knew he loved her after the two spent a very long evening talking about everything that could come to mind... without even thinking about sleep. Their love took the next step on the warm Huntington Beach of California on February, 12 2012, when Josh proposed to Payton in the way that she had always imagined it to be. With their love set in stone, the two of them will spend the rest of their lives together happy as can be, knowing that they are one of the lucky ones that found out what true love really is. They will take each other’s hand in marriage on May 20 2012, on a beautiful beach in Zephyr cove, Nevada.

Payton and Josh - enjoy your sneak peak! 

And in honor of my new tradition:
Their "I love him/her because..." reveal!

Congrats again you two!  And enjoy your last few weeks of engagement! 


Mama said...

Kandice these are beautiful. Wow! I love the location too.

Kassie and Peter said...

GORGEOUS!!! Kandice you seriously have a gift! Love these!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! - Heather

Nicole Breanne said...

Loving these pics, Kandy! You're amazing. Miss you. Wish we were closer to take pics together!