What can you expect?

I've often been asked what can be expected when a client receives their disk.  
I've had people worry that because I might do a blog post where every picture of theirs is black and white, that maybe that is all they will get.

This is incorrect.
When I create a blog post featuring your pictures, I choose my favorite edits of my favorite photos.

I've decided to put together a little post demonstrating what you can expect of your images when you receive a disk.  With each image I edit, I not only give you an edited color photo, but I also do a "Honey" edit, as well as a B&W.  Some images may have additional edits, but that is only if I feel it suits the photo.

Here are a few Before & Afters (if you will) that show the edits your photos will come in.

So, not to fret.  If you don't adore a particular edit I post on my blog - chances are in your favor that you'll have a few others to choose from! 

Hope this has been enlightening to any of you who have had questions about your disk.

Happy Blogging!