Jon & Lindsey - Engagements

I was so excited when Jon asked if I'd take engagement pictures for him and Lindsey.  Jon and I met our very first week of our very first semester of college (I think even before school started).  He and his twin brother Caleb met my roommate online and we all became friends from there.  Look at us little freshmen. 

A little interesting thing about Jon & Caleb - not only were they born the same day, but they both went to Buenos Aires Argentina on their missions (just different missions), and they are both getting married within a week of each other.  Yep - must be twins! 

I am SO stoked for Jon & Lindsey (Caleb & Cassie too!).  I was so excited that they asked me to take their engagements... mostly because I was super excited to meet Lindsey.  These two are definitely head-over-heels in love and you can tell they cherish every moment they spend together.  They are truly love birds.

Lindsey - I know you will probably be laughing for the rest of your life, but I am SO happy Jon found you.  I can tell he adores you by the way he looks at you!  

So happy for both of you!  Hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed spending time with you two! 

And, don't forget to...

Congrats again you two!  MORE than thrilled for you! :)


Nicole said...

So awesome Kandice!

But seriously... I can't get over how you manage to photograph the most beautiful people! I mean, really? She's gorgeous!!

Nikki said...

How fun! Beautiful couple and awesome pictures! They look so wonderful. :)