Kaylin & Nathan - Southeast Idaho Bridal/Groomal Photography

I was so excited when Kaylin emailed me asking if I'd shoot not only her pre-wedding formals, but her wedding as well (which is coming up on Saturday).  Kaylin is such a doll, and is Aria's twin from Pretty Little Liars! ;)  ... but seriously!

When we shot these bridals, I loved seeing Kaylin and Nathan interact.  They are so head over heels for each other... I think they sometimes forgot I was there.  I'd catch them whispering to each other, giggling, and just completely ignoring me (which was awesome!).  When I'd take pictures of Kaylin by herself, Nathan would be expressing how gorgeous she was and how he couldn't wait to marry her.  
I know, totally cute right?

Anyway - enough rambling.  Let's get to their photos.

Congratulations Kaylin & Nathan!
And I'll see you on Saturday! :)

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Stephanie Johnson said...

Kandice! You are so talented! I love looking at your work :)