Buck Family {Giveaway Winners} - Rexburg Idaho Photographer

This CUTE little family is the Buck Family.  

They are the winners of my Facebook Giveaway which I did earlier this summer, and some good friends of ours!  They have the most ADORABLE children on the planet.  

Sweet little Benson kept "hiding" in the corn fields.  He'd run and then just crouch down somewhere and squint his eyes so we couldn't see him.  And little Addie laughed hysterically at Benson when he'd shake the cornstalks - it was hilarious! 

The sky was grey with all the smoke, but the golden colors of the fields were gorgeous, the family (as you can see) are gorgeous as well!  Anyway, I'm so happy I got to spend some time with these amazing people.

Buck Family - here are a few of my faves from your session!

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shaylee said...

I love the lighting in these! :) you are very talented! :)