Kaylin & Nathan - Rexburg Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when Kaylin asked me to shoot not only her pre-wedding formals, but her wedding as well.  I seriously love weddings.  I love everything about them.  While my own wedding was stressful to plan, I would do it all over again.  I love every little detail that gets put into that day and the millions of combinations of ideas that allow you to truly make your day your own.  On top of all that, I love to capture weddings.  I love the magic and love that is such a prominent feeling throughout the day, and seeing the bride and groom hold on to each other like they don't want to spend another minute apart.  No one can tell me that that's not the best feeling to capture through a lens!  I seriously love it.

Here are [more than] a few photos from their day.  Kaylin & Nathan - I am SO happy for you guys, and so grateful I got to share your special day with you!  

Congratulations - and best of luck with your future together!

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