Summer in Sandpoint - Personal Post Part 3

Finally, the last post from our Summer 2014 travels.
Truthfully, I wrote this post first about a month ago... but my OCD made me post in chronological order.

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This summer my husband and I were able to take some time to head back West and see our families.  We spent a couple weeks in Idaho with my in-laws that were wonderfully relaxing and stress free, then we came back to Iowa and moved into our new place, then headed to Alberta to spend time with my folks (yes - it was a busy month and a half for us!).  We spent the first week in Calgary and then spent the second week in Sandpoint, Idaho where we have vacationed every summer since I was little.

Let me start this post off by saying I am in no ways an iMovie pro! I've literally made 2 movies in my entire life and this is the first one I've ever shared.

I'm SO happy I put this video together of our trip... because just a couple weeks later, our wonderful boat was stolen, so this was our last summer cruising around in this boat.  We've had some fun memories with it, but things are things, so there will be more memories made in the future with whichever boat we get to replace this!

Sandpoint 2014 from Kandice Stewart on Vimeo.

We spent every day on the water from morning until sunset. Our last night in Sandpoint, we wake surfed well after the sun had gone down and pulled out a spotlight so we could still see the water. We had a blast tubing. My little brother was accident prone - from skateboarding wipeouts leaving his shoulder and hip scraped up, tubing wipeouts that split his nose open, and then slicing his fingers on the blade of the wake surf - I'm shocked we didn't take him to the hospital.

All in all, it was a fun week with family on a gorgeous lake.

And now for just a few pictures from our trip...

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Lana Dawn said...

Can you adopt me into your family??
And I love all your posts, but especially these personal ones. Love you!