ConGRADulations Class of 2011

Guess what?  


I'm officially a college graduate.
Okay, maybe not officially officially... but pretty close.  
I still technically have to do an internship (which I'm doing this fall)
but it just made more sense to have my parents travel in the summer than in the winter.

So... I DID IT!

(PS, I changed my first name on my name card to Canada... so the announcer read "Canada Jill Stewart".  Truth.  I figured that the majority of my teachers knew me as "Canada" rather than my first name... so why the heck not?)

And... did I mention that I have the BEST husband in the whole wide world?
And did I mention that for my graduation he bought me a new LENS I've been drooling over for a year now?


Best. Husband. Ever.!

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