Sawyer & Wyatt - Shelley, ID

Sawyer and Wyatt are the sons of my husbands cousin.  
(Did you follow that?)
They are two little mini-me's of their parents.  Sawyer (the oldest) looks just like his Dad, while Wyatt is the spitting image of his Mom.  They are so fun and have so much personality.  Sawyer was running all over the place, and Wyatt was content sometimes just sitting and playing in the dirt.  I did, however, get told off a few times from Wyatt.  Anytime I'd snap his picture he'd say "NO!  Ever, ever again!".  I got this repeatedly throughout the day... to the point that he would pout at me.  He does have an ADORABLE pouty face.  If he was my child, he would probably get away with anything he wanted with those big baby blues!

Meet Sawyer:

Meet Wyatt:

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