Beautiful Bailey the Birthday Girl! - Idaho Falls, ID

This beautiful little gal is Bailey.

She has a birthday coming up next week, so of course we had to do a little photo shoot in celebration of her big day.  Bailey is so busy, she was so fun to observe.  She is probably the fastest crawling baby I have ever seen.  Just when I'd think I had a great photo op, she'd have taken off and be on the other side of a couch or half way up a set of stairs - she is seriously a speed demon.   I think she can crawl faster than I can run! 

We also got a few pictures of 2 of her little cousins as well.  All 3 of these cute kiddos have the most GORGEOUS big blue eyes! 

Have a look...

Cute cousins...

And her other sweet little cousin...

She is such a little DIVA!

And I just have to post these ones of her cousin - look at those facial expressions.


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Nicole Breanne said...

She looks like a flapper girl with her headband and pearls! How cute. And those facial expressions of her cousin are to die for cute! You're talented Kandy!