Alana-BABE-ish - Rexburg, ID

This GORGEOUS girl is my Best Friend!


You should be.

Alana and I have been friends since we could walk.  We went to church together, went to school together, played basketball together... did everything together.  We always said we'd someday be on one of those Clean & Clear commercials - you know, the ones that said "This is my best friend [insert name here].  We've been friends since the 3rd grade!" - we would have had them all beat!

Not only is Alana INCREDIBLY beautiful... she is also one of the most talented, kind, smart, loyal, stylish, witty, fun, genuine, crafty, spontaneous, spiritual, honest, loving {and so on, and so forth} people I've ever met!
Among her many talents, she is also an amazing mother to THIS little man!
And while juggling school and motherhood, she also finds time to make the BEST cookies.  Being that she is currently my next door neighbor (I know, we're spoiled!), I get to frequently indulge in her marvelous creations. 

I think I need to live next door to her my whole life.  Let's see: yummy cookies, cute babies, impromtu photo shoots, girl time.... Yep - it's official.  We WILL be neighbors!

This last weekend I was feeling the need to do another photo shoot as well as find some new locations.  Well, she gladly took on the task of being my model and I think we got some awesome shots.

I know exactly what your thinking - seriously?  She's a MOM!? 
Hot Momma!

Now stop drooling!

Thanks again for the fun girls-afternoon-out Alana! :) Love you!


Nicole said...

LOVE THEM! All of those sound like perfect reasons to be neighbours. While I can't contribute a cute baby, I can contribute baking. I'd actually be grateful for help because I'm just getting fat (and might as well be preggo) over here! ALANA, you are gorgeous. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments and I'm so glad I can call both of you guys my best friends. It seems like yesterday I finally got my license and was driving us home from earl's and we all cried to KHO. Love you guys (and Kaiti) so much! Can't wait for more impromptu photoshoots and I'll (jealously) gladly creepy them! xo

.Ang. said...

I LOVE THOSE!! i don't think she's ever looked so beautiful!!

:) She is pretty amazing!! I know she loves living next door to you too! She tells me all about it all the time!

Erika said...

I love them all! You did an amazing job!