Janelle & Trevik - Rexburg, ID Engagements

I must confess - when Janelle emailed me asking if I'd take her and Trevik's engagements, I may have been as giddy as a child hearing the ice cream truck come down the street.  I have been itching to take Engagements since... well, FOREVER.  So, these two troopers were my guinea pigs, and let me tell you - we had a BLAST!  The whole session we were laughing and joking and having fun.  Trevik reminds me so much of my husband - the super goofy, make light of everything, total jokester.  And Janelle is as sweet as can be and so much fun.  I instantly felt we were friends before they were clients.  

Janelle and Trevik met in September of 2008.  She and her friends were jumping on mattresses outside of his apartment complex when he went walking by.  They quickly became friends and a few months later he was serving a mission in Texas where her brother was also serving.  She wrote him a few letters while he was out, and the July after he came home from his mission they started dating.  The two of them got engaged one year (to the day) after he returned from his mission.  He took Janelle back to the place they met, and even put a mattress out to reenact their first moments together.  Here is a short video of the proposal!

Janelle and Trevik are SO in love.  I seriously couldn't help but smile and giggle the whole time because they were just way too precious.  In between shots he was always brushing her hair off her face, whispering sweet nothings... all that gushy stuff.  Their love is so fresh and pure - I just love it! :) 

Janelle and Trevik - enjoy your sneak peek!
(Prepare yourself for picture overload - I just couldn't choose!)

So, I decided that I wanted Janelle and Trevik to each write down one thing they love most about the other.  They weren't allowed to show each other or tell each other what they wrote - and after I took their pictures, they had to erase their boards and swear not to say anything until I revealed their pictures.  

So, here's their reveal!

Thanks again for an AWESOME afternoon you guys.  I had such a blast with you and wish you the best of luck with the rest of your wedding plans.  


Cyndi palmer said...

Gorgeous shots Kandi. I'm so proud of you. You made a beautiful couple look even better!

Katelyn Haas said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! i just love the pictures. you did a FANTASTIC job kandice!!! :)