Tanner & Madeline - Salt Lake City Temple Wedding Photography

I am SO excited to finally be posting my very first wedding ever

I was so flattered and honored when Maddie asked me to be with her the day she married her best friend Tanner.  It was such a great experience and I loved being around the two of them fresh out of the temple.  They had such a glow about them... you could tell theirs is a love that will last forever. 

  I was so grateful to have my friend Janelle shooting with me, and to also have Tanners dad running around with us ready and willing to move dead pigeons out of the alley ways! ;)  

Thank you again Tanner & Maddie, and I hope you enjoy your photos! 


Heather Palmer said...

Fabulous work wench!!! Love them all! xx

Nicole Breanne said...

Way to go Kandy Jill! You're amazing! I can't believe they wore Nike Free's, how cool are they? Also, I love the one through the pretty fence/gate thing. You're amazing! Wish we could tag team on a photoshoot sometime!