A Taste of Idaho - Idaho Falls Family Photography

Meet my {beautiful} co-worker Veronica and her son Sergio.  

After months of hearing all about Sergio (Veronica is one proud mama!) I finally got to meet him... and the first time I met him he reminded me of my baby brother who is currently serving an LDS mission in the Philippines.  Sergio probably got sick of me telling him "you remind me so much of my brother" time and time again... but it was fun to spend some time with the two of them. 

They are heading to Peru this month to see family and decided they wanted their photos to show a little bit of Idaho in them to show those back home in Peru.  We hit up a sweet barn and then drove around until we found some hay... and in the mean time we had a bunch of cows that did a great job photo-bombing (not included in this post).  And of course - the wind did not cooperate... but hey - what better way to represent Idaho, right?

Happy Blogging! :)

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