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As you all know, this is still my first year in the industry.  I will hit my 1-Year mark in late August and I can't believe the opportunities for growth I have had in these first 10 months.  Not only have I had lots of opportunities to meet new AMAZING people and learn new techniques (and practice, practice, practice...), but I have been asked to shoot WEDDINGS - it is still so surreal to me that people have the interest and confidence in me as a photographer to trust me with such a big and special day! 

I've already posted one wedding - my very first as a lead photog (I don't include the few times I've shot candids or been a second shooter)... and I will be shooting wedding #2 on August 4th in Idaho Falls.
For any photographer, getting one wedding during your first year is quite an accomplishment (or so I've heard!)... let alone two.  But can I just say that I was SO flattered when I got asked to shoot 2 more weddings this summer. 

Unfortunately, I won't be shooting those two additional weddings due to conflicts in schedule (one of them I will be in Canada during that time, and the other conflicts with my August wedding - I know, sad day!) - but it was such an honor just to have that interest expressed! 

{Did I mention one of them wanted to fly me to California to shoot!?  I know, total bummer!}

Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who have helped me get to this point so far.  Whether it be through booking a session with me to give me practice, mentoring me and sharing tips, or simply giving me words of encouragement - you have done so much to help me progress in something I am deeply passionate about!

So again, thank you for all you have done.  I wouldn't be where I am without you!


{and because a picture makes every post better... here's one from my own wedding day!}

Photo Credit: my sister Heather @

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