Before & After/Personal Photos Edited

For those of you who don't know yet, I offer a service where I will edit your personal photos for you so you can be proud of the photos you hang on your wall, whether or not they are done professionally.  

My sister-in-law got married over a year ago, and the disk she bought from her photographer did not include any edited photos (which she was rather bummed about).  She has asked me if I would edit a few of her photos for her so she can print them and hang them around her house.  

Here is just one of the photo's I edited.  It goes to show that even just a little bit of editing can greatly improve the appearance of a photo.  

I repeat - I did NOT take this photo (although it is gorgeous and I wish I could claim it), but I did enhance it.

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The Grigg's said...

Kandice you are so talented and have such an eye for this!!