Kate & Tyson - Southeast Idaho Anniversary Photography

This beyond cute and hilarious couple is my sis-in-law and her hubby!  

We've been trying to do some anniversary photos for months now (Kate and Tyson's Anniversary was actually back in February) - but our schedules have always conflicted, so I was excited that we FINALLY found a time to do their photos.  Sadly, Kate and Tyson moved to Vernal this week (total bummer!) but I'm so excited for them to start this new journey together.  And I'm also super stoked that we got to do their photos before they moved.  It was fun to have my hubby tag along with us and keep us all laughing, and to just be able to spend some time together before they took off.

We all felt rather adventurous during this shoot.  Just in walking through to this little place in the trees we encountered water snakes and a MILLION mosquitos.  I was stupid and wore shorts and flip flops... but I think we were all a great big feast for those little skeeters. 

Wanna see how my husband protected himself during the shoot?

Kate & Tyson, I'm glad we FINALLY got your photos done!  Thanks for hanging out with us crazies! Love you, and good luck on your Vernal adventures! 
Here are a few of your photos! 


Katelyn Haas said...

sooo cute!! :) you just keep gettin better and better! wish we would have had you do ours..maybe someday!!

Shanley said...

Oh my so CUTE! Love these! What a cute couple! =)