Wyler Fam/Class of 2012 - Family/Portrait Photography

Meet the Wyler Family.

My husband and I have known this cute little fam from the time we were married (over 2 years) and have been able to see little Mia grow from the time she was in her mama's tummy!  They are probably the nicest people you will ever meet, and have been such wonderful neighbors to us as well.  This session was not just about capturing their family, but also to congratulate Daniel on his graduation from BYU-Idaho.  I know his family is sure proud of him!  

Wyler Fam, enjoy your sneak-peek! 

Okay, can everyone please note how incredibly ADORABLE her little cap and gown are?  
A lady in our ward who is close with the Wylers made the miniature graduation gown, while Diana's fam found the hat at the thrift store and sized it down to fit the little munchkin!  

I seriously about died seeing her run around in it!

There you have it Wylers!  
Congratulations again on your graduation Daniel!  And best of luck on everything the future holds for you guys! 

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